The Prodigal Half-Quorum of “Lost Apostles”

Title: Lost Apostles: Forgotten Members of Mormonism’s Original Quorum of Twelve Authors: William Shepard and H. Michael Marquardt Publisher: Signature Books Genre: Mormon History Year Published: 2014 Number of Pages: 400 Binding: Hardcover ISBN13 978-1-56085-228-5 Price $35.95 Have you ever … Continue reading

How “War and Peace in our Time” Saved my Sunday School Teacher

Title: War and Peace in our Time: Mormon Perspectives Editors: Patrick Q. Mason, J. David Pulsipher, Richard L. Bushman Publisher: Greg Kofford Books Genre: Religious Studies Year: 2012 Pages: 278 Binding: Softcover ISBN13: 9781589580992 Price: $29.95 Last Sunday we had … Continue reading