John Hatch

John Hatch is an editor for Signature Books and the book review editor for Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. He is also the editor of Danish Apostle: The Diaries of Anthon H. Lund. After his LDS mission to upstate New York, he worked at Deseret Book and then naturally progressed to Sunstone. Basically, he’s into books and Mormonism and editing. Right as he was preparing to apply for graduate schools, he had a faith/identity/existential crisis and abandoned dreams of a PhD and instead took up screenwriting. He wasn’t horrible at it but he is so grateful to be working at Signature doing what he loves so his children can have luxuries like food and shelter. To this day the thought of living in a rundown apartment in Van Nuys sends shivers down his wife’s spine.

John lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Emily, and his two boys, Ethan and Matthew. He likes reading, running, writing, and movies, and he guards his leisure time jealously. His past and current writing projects include documentary histories, the role of Cecil B. DeMille in placing Ten Commandments monuments across the country, Mormons and mainstream cinema in the early twentieth century, and the life of Lorenzo Snow.


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