Why More Missionaries ≠ More Converts

Another General Conference has come and gone, and another annual statistical report has been released. This year’s report is particularly interesting, because it reveals the impact—or rather, lack of impact—of the Church’s decision last year to lower the missionary age … Continue reading

What the New Computer Study Can Tell Us about the Book of Mormon

In my last post I reviewed Duane and Chris Johnson’s new computer study that purports to identify four literary influences on the Book of Mormon. As I argued there, the study’s case for literary dependence is not entirely convincing. However, … Continue reading

New Computer Study Purports to Detect Literary Influences on the Book of Mormon

The Internet’s been abuzz with hype this week about a new computer study by Duane and Chris Johnson which purports to identify four literary influences on the Book of Mormon (besides the King James Bible): Gilbert J. Hunt, The late war, … Continue reading

Book of Mormon Vocabulary and the Priority of Mosiah

In a pioneering paper published two decades ago, Brent Lee Metcalfe demonstrated that after Martin Harris lost the first 116 pages of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith didn’t immediately start over from the beginning of the book. Rather, he … Continue reading