Why More Missionaries ≠ More Converts

Another General Conference has come and gone, and another annual statistical report has been released. This year’s report is particularly interesting, because it reveals the impact—or rather, lack of impact—of the Church’s decision last year to lower the missionary age … Continue reading

“The Sometimes Sandy Soil of Doubt & Uncertainty”: Humility and Church Leadership

In his best-selling book Good to Great, business author and former Stanford professor Jim Collins tried to pinpoint the traits that define “Good-to-Great” companies, i.e. “fifteen-year cumulative stock returns at or below the general stock market, punctuated by a transition … Continue reading

Adjusting the Narrative: Part 1a–The Scriptural Curse and Seed of Cain

See the introduction to this series here: Adjusting the Narrative: Introduction and Proposal. I highly suggest reading the introduction before proceeding. As part of Joseph Smith’s prophetic literary output, he greatly expanded on the biblical figure of Cain in texts … Continue reading