Dreading the Sabbath: Or, why you should stop worrying and enjoy life

I had to laugh yesterday after reading Robert Kirby’s weekly satirical (and sometimes downright cranky) column in the Salt Lake Tribune titled, “Judgement Day shouldn’t Come Every Sunday,” where he lamented the recent crackdown on electronic device usage during church services. … Continue reading

A Message for my LDS Friends who are Considering Joining the Community of Christ

Through the tumult of the LDS Church’s recent policy updates regarding same-sex couples and families, I have seen many friends on social media express their determination to either resign their membership or look to the Community of Christ church as an alternative … Continue reading

In Memoriam: Big Tent Mormonism

The term “big tent Mormonism” has appeared frequently in online LDS discourse over the past 5 years, usually in the context of some good-natured navel-gazing on the part of liberal Mormons in regards to whether–or, to what extent–there is a … Continue reading