About Konden Smith

Konden Smith earned a dual BA in History and Religious Studies from Northern Arizona University. While focusing on Islam and American Religions, he became friends with Val Avery, who instilled him with an interest in Mormon Studies. From there, he went on to Arizona State University, earning an MA and PhD in Religious Studies with an emphasis on American 19th century religion and conflict. His dissertation, “Mormons at the World’s Fair 1893,” was a study of cultural and religious transformation within the US during the “progressive era.” Having published on topics such as Islam, national culture, and Mormonism, Konden’s primary interests are on identity formations and religious conflict on the national level. Konden has taught at Northern Arizona as a full-time Instructor in Modern Christianity. Having just recently finished his PhD, he now teaches as Faculty Associate at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the community college down the road in Glendale, Arizona.