David O. McKay, Eyewitness to the Early Stirrings of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Given the latest flare-up of the Israel-Palestine conflict, I thought it might be interesting to post LDS Apostle David O. McKay’s account of his visit to Jerusalem on November 2, 1921, the fourth anniversary of Britain’s “Balfour Declaration” proposing to … Continue reading

180 Years Ago: The Shepherd of Israel and the Tribe of Joseph

Each month, I plan to feature an extended summary of an article, story, or document of interest that was published 180 years ago that same month in a Mormon periodical. There are some fascinating gems in the early newspapers, and … Continue reading

Book of Mormon Vocabulary and the Priority of Mosiah

In a pioneering paper published two decades ago, Brent Lee Metcalfe demonstrated that after Martin Harris lost the first 116 pages of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith didn’t immediately start over from the beginning of the book. Rather, he … Continue reading